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Elizabeth Tidwell

Hi! I have a World War II political intrigue novel, Device and Deceit, partially based in Louisville and have just published a novelized version of my memoirs of traveling the Lewis and Clark trail, War Club, A Journey of Understanding Along the Lewis and Clark Trail.
I live in Virginia but will be in Louisville July 27-August 3 for the annual meeting of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation meeting in Clarksville. I will be doing a reading of my newest book at the Jeffersonville Public Library, 2-3p August 2. But also looking to meet with people interested in looking at either or both books, setting up a reading for either or both, or who can suggest places to make it available in the area.
Loads of free time Sunday, July 29; after 8p Tuesday, July 31; morning or after 4p, Thursday, Aug. 2 and all day Aug. 3.
Contact me at writestuffva@yahoo.com. Check out the book at https://www.createspace.com/3917566.
Looking forward to hearingfrom you. Liz Tidwell