February 2012

1000 Facts About the Earth

Every year, we buy my daughter a whole bunch of books from the library, where we can get children’s books for ten cents each (provided that they are softcover). We usually get her twenty or thirty of them for this extremely cheap cost; this year we were even able to get her some wonderful books to read when she’s older, like Ramona Forever and Bridget to Terabithia. Among this year’s books were lots of science-based editions, since my daughter loves nature, animals, and science in general. One of the books was Moira Butterfield’s 1000 Facts About the Earth.

The book is thin, so you have to wonder how on Earth are there 1,000 facts inside. Don’t worry about having a thousand tiny facts crammed into the material; instead, each fact fits very well in an attractive arrangement with full-color illustrations and child-friendly strange but true facts. Nearly any topic that children are interested is covered, from space to dinosaurs, oceans to the weather, plants to polar regions and more. Simple diagrams and pictographs are portrayed for children to easily plot the center of the Earth or the inside of a volcano, as well as the epicenter of an earthquake.